Základní škola a Mateřská škola Střítež, okres Frýdek-Místek, příspěvková organizace
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Elementary and nursery school in Střítež, in the region of Frýdek – Místek, allowance organization

The school is situated in the picturesque environment of the Beskydy foothills. It´s situated near a main road and railway in the vacinity of Frýdek-Místek and Český Těšín which enables commuting children not only from Střítež, but also from the surrounding villages - Vělopolí, Ropice, and Smilovice.

Nowadays children in elementary school are educated according to the educational program “Elementary school“ in five separate classes. After finishing the 5th year they continue in primary schools in Hnojník, Český Těšín or Třinec. The elementary school is aimed at music and arts and it offers a wide choice of clubs for differing interests. Modern audio-visual technics and computer networks with internet are used during lessons. There is also a special education program for children with genetic disorders of behaviour and learning under the guidance of qualified teachers in the school.

A nursery school presently has one department and teachers work with children according to a program called “Colourful stones“ which is aimed at musical, movement and logopedics education.

By the end of 2007 the modernization of all the school buildings (elementary and nursery schools and school canteen) will be finished according to all the relevant hygienic regulations –which also includes desks, chairs and other material facilities of this school.

We have had great financial and moral support from the municipality in Střítež which is the founder and the school authority. The tradition of our school includes long-term cooperation with SRPŠ (an association of parents and supporters of the school) and local societies whose activities for children help to make the educational and pedagogical program better and more pleasant as well as enriching community life.

  • Cooperation with SRPŠ
  • Cooperation with the Hunting association Střítež-Vělopolí
  • Cooperation with the Association of gardeners in Střítež
  • Cooperation with the Voluntary fire-fighters association

Together with other schools and nurseries in our region of “Povodí Stonávky” our school has taken part in the realization of an all-year-round program of activities for children in sport and culture aimed at comparing possibilities of children and last, but not least, to strengthen the positive attitude of children towards the society and region:

  • Ball games in Ropice
  • Minifootball in Smilovice
  • Floorball in Třanovice
  • Ball games in Hnojník
  • Attending theatres in Třanovice
  • Painting competition “Countryside around us“ in Komorní Lhotka
  • Singing and creative competition "Rozvíjej se, poupátko" in Střítež
  • Athletic triathlon in Dolní Tošanovice
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